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  File: 2020-09-20.mp3
  Topics for Sep 20, 2020:      
  • KSQD 9-16-2020: Organoids are miniature artificial organs built from stem cells that may help drug testing; DNA origami - Playing with DNA to make micron level structures with interesting properties; Research on the anti-inflammatory Low Dose naltrexone for many conditions, including MS, Alzheimers and early Coronavirus infection; How wearing a face mask could actually increase immunity to Coronavirus! Balancing calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis but not induce kidney stones; Rapamycin is an interesting anti-aging drug by reducing muscle loss and other health benefits; Anticholinergic drugs such as antihistamines cause cognitive impairment; A drug for cat Coronavirus is promising to treat current human Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2
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