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  File: 2021-10-13.mp3
  Topics for Oct 13, 2021:      
  • KSQD 10-06-2021: Benefits and side effects of implanted spinal stimulators for pain control; A case of using brain stimulation to address treatment-resistant depression; COVID News: Merck announces an oral antiviral pill for COVID-19; Vaccine is good during pregnancy; Outpatient intravenous COVID-19 treatment; Recent Australian forest fires dumped iron into the ocean, feeding algae blooms that absorbed much of the CO2 released from the fires! Editorial about Resilience at many levels; Repurposing an existing asthma drug helps treat sinusitis with nasal polyps; Using mRNA vaccine technology to fight cancer; Evolution designed us to utilize plants to try to protect us from pollution, radiation etc.; A drug derived from turmeric may have significant anti-cancer, anti-Parkinsons and other anti-neurodegenerative properties; Ahiflower Oil is a good vegan source for adequate healthy Omega fatty acids; Irisin, which helps convert white into brown fat, improves cognitive function
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