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  File: 2020-08-03.mp3
  Topics for Aug 3, 2020:      
  • KSQD 7-29-2020: Problems with Coronavirus testing and lack of payments by insurance companies; Why Europeans pay much less for health care; Good news! Coronavirus transmission is not happening via surfaces as much as we thought; Advice to help heal a fractured ankle; Dr. Dawn finds a wearable fan to blow away Coronavirus droplets; Practical advice to ward off ticks -- Permethrin is useful; Smarter hearing aid to focus in a specific direction; People with a Neanderthal gene variant tolerate pain better; Cannabis residue suggests it used in Jewish ceremonies in biblical times; Examples of tattoos and decorative piercing in early humans; Editorial about how we should manage the COVID-19 vaccines; Pool testing is a clever way to increase efficiency of identifying viral infection
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