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Dr. Dawn Motyka
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  File: 2020-05-25.mp3
  Topics for May 25, 2020:      
  • KSQD 5-20-2020: The problem of opening up businesses and activities from the frustrating COVID-19 lockdown; How to clean fruits and vegetables; An analysis of a listener lipid profile labs; Dr Dawn does not recommend NAD supplements because of side effects; Does Pepsid help treat COVID-19? Vitamin D and the immune system; Using Oxytocin to treat cocaine addiction and other cravings; Using CBD to treat cannabis and alcohol addiction and maybe Coronavirus? The use of psilocybin for mental illness; The problem of OCD in the new world of Coronavirus fear; New shoe design using springs to increase energy efficiency; Gut bacteria can reduce infant food allergy risks; Stress in early life cause accelerated brain maturity, but also aging
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