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In the podcast,
Dr. Dawn Motyka
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  File: 2019-10-13.mp3
  Topics for Oct 13, 2019:      
  • KSQD Radio 10-13-2019: Dog ownership conveys a significant lower risk of death by heart attack and other maladies; All about MRA to measure arterial blockage -- the contrast chemical is not dangerous; Analyzing microbial DNA in stool reveals your diet; Good advice to combat dry eye and styes with baby shampoo and buckthorn oil; The importance of knowing if a pregnant woman has MTHFR mutations; An interesting study about reliability of self evaluation of health practices by age and country; A rational approach to reducing stress of mothers and preventing future health problems of offspring; Ketogenic diet reduces migraines; The good uses of the notorious drug Thalidomide; New research reveals the origin of gall stones
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