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D. Dawn Motyka, M.D. Dr. Dawn

Present Positions:  
    Host and Co-producer,  Ask Doctor Dawn, KUSP, 88.9 FM, Santa Cruz, CA
    Family and Functional Medicine Physician and Acupuncturist at Optimage Health, Inc.
    Faculty Member for the Masters LAC degree program at Five Branches Institute,
        Santa Cruz, CA

Previous Positions:
    1993-1996    KSCO  -    Dominican Dialogue
    1996-1998    KNRY   -    Health Dialogue
        (nationally syndicated on Talk America  in1996)
    1989-1991    Medical Director, San Benito Health Foundation

Public Appearances:
     2001        NPR: THE DNA FILES – episode one.  Special guest appearance
     5/2001     KEYNOTE ADDRESS: California Association of Health Insuring Organizations, Annual Meeting,

Academic Degrees:
1990 - 2006  Board Certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians   
M.D. 1987     University of California, Davis
B.S.   1981    Psychobiology, with honors and Cum Laude, University of California, Los Angeles
Residency Training:
1987 -1990    Family Practice Residency, San Bernardino County Medical Center
Additional Post-graduate Training:
2001    American Medical Acupuncture, Helms Institute, UCLA School of Medicine.
1997    American Academy of Clinical Hypnosis.
10/86 - 4/87  Bioethics Research - Center for Ethics and Religion, Baylor College of Medicine.
1986    Acupuncture Practice & Theory of Chinese Medicine with Mark S. Fields, C.A.
1985 - 1986 (UCLA) Ethics in Medical Resource Allocation: Extensive guided research Dr. Paul Von Blum and Aviva Bergman, J.D. Formal presentation to U.C. Davis School of Medicine.
1980 - 1982 (UCLA) Research in Chronic Pain/Endogenous Opiates. See publications.
In addition: created and taught a seminar in descending pain inhibitory pathways and alternative anesthesia techniques.
Administrative and Managerial Activities:
1994 - 2002    Member, Board of Directors, Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital
1999 - 2002    Treasurer, Santa Cruz County Medical Society
1994 - 2002    Chairman, Physicians  Services, Inc
1992 - 2002    Chief Physician, Western Service Workers Association
2000 - 2002    Member, Quality Assurance Committee, Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital
1992 - 2000    Bioethics Committee - Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital
1999 - 2001    Physician Advisory Board, Santa Cruz Hospice Project
1995 - 2000    Member, Board of Directors, Physicians Medical Group
1995        Chair, County Medical Society Bioethics Task Force
1988 - 1990    Quality Assurance Committee, San Bernardino County Medical Center
1987 - 1990    Bioethics Committee, San Bernardino County Medical Center
1982 - 1986    Curriculum Planning Committee, U.C. Davis School of Medicine
1988 - 1990    Editor - The Central Line (housestaff newsletter)
1988 -1989    Program Coordinator - Annual Housestaff and Faculty Awards Banquet
Professional Organizations/position:
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
American Medical Women’s Association
California Medical Association
International Developmental Ethics Association
Physician Services, Inc. Chair of Board of Directors
Santa Cruz County Medical Society - Board of Directors -various
International Activities:
4/87 - 6/87 Community Health Research - Costa Rica (Baylor College of Medicine and fieldwork in Costa Rica); Analysis of epidemiological and demographic statistics and field observations of village-based primary care centers utilizing trained para-professionals in several sites. Formal presentation 6/87 at Baylor College of Medicine.
6/85 - 7/85 International Health Worker’s Training Course, University of Arizona, Tucson 7/84 - 9/84 Clinical Ophthalmology - Capital Hospital, Bejing, China.
6/84 - 7/84 AMSA Health Study Tour to the Peoples Republic of China.
6/83 - 7/83 American Medical Students Association Health Study Tour to Nicaragua.
9/79 - 8/80 Exchange student at University of Bordeaux, France.
Publications and Lectures:
Motyka, D. (2001) Patients as Partners: Achieving Compliance through Patient Education (lecture), KEYNOTE ADDRESS: California Association of Health Insuring Organizations, Annual Meeting, May 2001.
Motyka, D (1998-1999) Understanding and Managing Migraine:   Series of  community lectures given under a statewide lecture program sponsored by Glaxo-Welcome.
Motyka, D. (1995) Good News, Bad News about Menopause.  Community Health Bulletin, May 1995.
Motyka, D. (1995) Menopause Fact and Fiction (lecture)  Cabrillo College Annual Women’s Leadership Conference.
Motyka, D. (1989) Hierarchical Triage in Primary Care (lecture). The Second International Conference of the International Developmental Ethics Association.
Motyka, D. (1989) International Health Care: A contrast of Two Paradigms. Proceedings of the Second International Conference of IDEA: Ethics, Development and Crisis.
Brechner, T., Motyka, D., Sherman, J. (1982) Growth Enhancement of Prolactin Sensitive Mammary Tumors by Periaqueductal grey stimulation. Life Sciences. 32:525-530.
Motyka, D., Valbona, C. Contrasts in Implementation of Community Based Primary Care, a Critical Review. (lecture).
French      (Fluent - able to carry out professional activities)
Spanish    (Fluent - able to carry out professional activities)
Indonesian   (in process – currently not at professional level)